Hi! Welcome to my website. I write young teen fiction, with a sci-fantasy flavour. My stories include sailing, or boating of some kind, in an Australian context. My hero, Nate, and his brother Ollie feature in each story, along with a variety of people, androids and robots they meet along the way.

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storm riders

Teenagers Nate and Ollie start on an adventure sailing their Dad’s boat in the beautiful coastal town of Jervis Bay, Australia.

Encountering a ferocious storm, they get more than they bargained for and are catapulted one hundred years into the future. They have encounters with people, robots and androids and must work out who is friend and who is foe.

Can Nate and Ollie figure out how to return home, and can they overcome the deadly challenges they meet?

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echo mountain

In their second adventure, teenagers Nate and Ollie are again transported into the future. Nate is shocked to find himself at sea, off the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, on a trawler.

What appears innocent on the surface, gives way to sudden dread, as the deadly  intent of the crew becomes evident.

Can Nate thwart their plans and perform a much-needed rescue?

His Christian faith is challenged time and again, as he struggles to overcome the difficulties.

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I live on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, with my husband. We are in easy reach of Jervis Bay, which features in Storm Riders.

Inspiration for writing comes from my childhood sailing with family (as seen in the picture), my grandchildren, a love of reading, my literary relatives and most of all, Jesus’ supernatural encounters with me.

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What People are Saying

I love it!

Young Reader, 2022

Storm Riders has bowled me over! First and foremost, because of the unobtrusive but sure way in which it persuades readers of all ages that it’s cool to be Christian. Then there’s the matter of the adventure plot, so inventive and engrossing. And then there are the characters, good and bad alike appealing to our sympathy. The relationship between Nate and Ollie is wonderfully done, I think, and likewise their care of and concern for their parents. Families really matter, in this novel. I am amazed by the boundary physics, and your imagining of technological advances a hundred years hence.  I yearn for a cube of my very own. There’s some sophisticated thinking about the supernatural going on: using the genre of fantasy to lead on to experiences of the transcendental, all the time grounded in a convincing mastery of what it’s like to sail, for example. Above all, it’s a beautifully-written book, capturing the lingo of the contemporary teenager, yet continually finding the surprising adjective, the lyrical moment.

Jenny G
Adult Reader, 2022

 A delightful story of adventure and intrigue that will keep you captivated and inspire you to dream of future possibilities as you get to know these lovable characters.

I look forward to hearing more of their exciting experiences as they discover what lies beyond.

Adult Reader, 2022

I really liked the story, the short chapters and the action

Teen Reader, 2022

Wow! What a terrific story. I think this would appeal to primary through to senior age people. A great adventure story, and living on the south coast, it was wonderful to imagine a well known area in the future. There are thoughtful elements about growing up, friendship, family and faith amidst the terrific storyline. Bring on Book 2!

Sarah F.
Adult Reader, 2022

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